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Lease Line
Multi-site Linkup

Lease Line

Just for Businesses, have your own dedicated Internet connection that is tailor made for your company directly to the Internet – from 100Mbps to 10Gbps connection directly to either the London or Manchester connection on to the EuroRing.

Public IP address can also be requested.

We can supply a Managed router which is 24/7 monitored and firmware is kept up to date.


Multi-site Linkup

Within our service and because of Covid we have developed a secure connection between your business premises and remote/home working.

This allows encrypted inter-site connections that can across any internet service supplier that is supporting your required bandwidth.

We don’t use the cloud, so no monitoring and traffic engineering can take place by the cloud providers, just simple and highly secure connections, which all your staff are routed out via your internet connection as if they are in the office.

We support normal LAN services as if you are your office but working from home as well as Telephone services to answer calls as if you are in the office, without high call transfer costs.

You can even answer your calls on a mobile or PC/Laptop, because all calls between your devices are encrypted.

We can provide IVR and Answer Machine service and well as call recording and monitoring.

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