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Residential 100

Residential 100

Our "Fixed Wireless" solution brings ultra-fast broadband directly to your home. We use trusted wireless technology to deliver reliable services to our customers, allowing them to experience the internet, as it was intended in the 21st century.

​​Before we connect you, we may have to do a short survey at your property. This consists of our engineer coming to your home in person and confirming we can deliver our service to a high enough standard, so you can enjoy being online more than ever. Arrangements will then be made for our engineering team to install our service as quickly as possible.

​On the day of installation, our team will install a very small receiver, somewhere on your building and then your account will be active within minutes.​

​That's it, you are all set! You can now enjoy the Ultra-Fast Residential broadband from WiFi X.

A speed test to the internet will be done on completion of the install, please review the example below.

Costs – on a 12-month contract


  • Installation                          £49.99 + VAT

  • Monthly charge                  £29.99 pcm + VAT



Generally, your connection is 100Mbps, but we also allow you to burst up to 25% more if the network capacity is available. Most customers average between 70 and 120Mbps download – tested by  - and Upload ranges from 40 to 75Mbps.



As with all networks you can have issues from time to time, this must be expected. Our reliability is monitored 24/7 on all our links and customer connections and generally our customers receive a reliability of 99.8% uptime, this equates to approximately 17 hours downtime per year. How much downtime have you had with your current supplier due to cable or other problems?

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