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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a telephone line for your service?
    No, we don’t use telephone lines for our service, which is another saving.
  • Can I keep my telephone number?
    Yes, you can keep your telephone number, we can transfer it over to our VoIP service
  • What Download speed am I likely to get?
    Generally, all customers get between 70 to 120Mbps Download, this is tested by
  • What Upload speed am I likely to get?
    Generally, all customers get between 40 to 60Mbps Upload, this is tested by
  • Is my connection secure?
    Yes, your connection is protected in several ways All our Wireless links are encrypted, and our router connections are also encrypted with a different algorithm providing a cascade encryption, and if you connect to a site with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), then this is the third level of encryption Your home outbound connection goes through a Network Address Translation, mean that any incoming connection needs to precipitate by an outgoing connection or the incoming connection will be dropped
  • Do I need anti-virus protection on my PC/Laptop/Mobile?
    It is always recommended to have anti-virus software running on your device, if you connect to a questionable site, you will always run the risk of downloading something horrible We recommend Eset, which is a multi-award wining program that does not impact the performance of your device, Eset for the Home
  • When the summer comes will my connection slowdown because of the tourists, which happens with Broadband and Mobile connections"
    No, all our links and connections are running QoS (Quality of service), so in priority order Voice Traffic (our VoIP service) Local businesses Residential customers Holiday lets and Campsites This is not saying the Holiday lets and Campsite don’t get a connection during busy periods, it's to make sure they don’t hog all the bandwidth
  • Can you make my campsite have more available bandwidth to the Internet?
    Yes, we can provide more bandwidth, but this must be designed into our network, please make contact to discuss the options.
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